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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jeanna and Evan ~ Brooklyn New York Wedding Photography ~ The King and Grove Hotel; The Elm; The Gutter

As the night was winding down on her wedding day, Jeanna and I tried to remember how long we've known each other. I distinctly remember a class photo and we couldn't have been more than 6?! We went through Elementary, Middle and High School together. Grew up in the same town with the same haunts, faces and places. 

Facebook reconnected us years later- I was back in Delmar, she had landed in NYC. We liked to correspond about healthy eating, juicing, exercising and she would talk about her life in NYC with her jet setting photographer boyfriend, which was so very different from my "mom of two kiddos gig" in suburbia! 

Well it turned out that Jeanna's jet-setting photographer boyfriend was really simply the love of her life and would eventually become her husband! They seemed to be a perfect match for each other- I didn't get to meet Evan until 15 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony but I watched their relationship on facebook- traveling, dinning, entertaining friends. I also was awestruck by Evan's work as a freelance photographer. To quote one of his friends at the wedding, "Evan can even make taquitos look sexy!" and yes I have to say it's true- the sexiest taquitos I've ever seen (and ate by the way- they were DELISH)!

Jeanna emailed me late one night and told me of her and Evan's engagement. She wanted me there to photograph the whole thing. 


Brooklyn, a swanky hotel, an incredible chef, a vintage bowling alley, details of their friends contributions to the wedding day. It sounded amazing! 

And it was. 

Let's walk through the day together! 

The view from the top of the King and Grove Hotel, The Upper Elm, the ceremony site.

What does a pro photog do on his wedding day while waiting for his bride to appear?? You guessed it....I would probably do the same thing!

And in fact, there were MANY cameras there that day....

After the ceremony everyone headed downstairs to The Elm for an incredible brunch. If you'd like to read more....check out this article about Chef Paul Liebrandt, that Evan photographed for the NY Times.

After brunch at The Elm it was time to take a short walk to The Gutter just a few blocks away. This place was SO cool. Vintage bowling alley, dark and grungy. Awesome music, interesting decor and just an easy, laid back place to hang out, drink some beers and play a few frames.

What....doesn't everyone take pictures in public bathroom stalls??? How could I resist with all that graffiti- really....

Some of Jeanna's girlfriends bought her these sweet bowling shoes and bedazzled them for her. If you're going to get away with wearing bowling shoes with your wedding dress- this is the only way to do it! I thought it was such a great gift!

All suited up for their first BOWL as husband and wife....

 Goodnight Brooklyn. Thank you Evan and Jeanna for trusting me with such a special day. I know you will enjoy a long happy life together!

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