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Friday, April 22, 2011

Number 23- Newborn baby photography

This is the third Yankee's themed photo session I've done in the past month. And as a lifetime fan myself that's OK by me! 

This is Mattingly! The son of another '96 BCHS grad (and another fellow Lab Rat). I feel very honored and grateful that I get to capture the families of friends I knew back in high school- it's very special!

Is he really sticking his tongue out at me??!!! He was such a good baby - a few swigs from the bottle and he was out like a light! Totally precious and peaceful...

Hehehe...I make babies smile :-)

 Mattingly's older sister, Natalie, got in on the action too. She is so well behaved and gentle with her baby brother and the jelly donut treat at the end of the session didn't hurt either!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alia and Hassan~ Married!

Alia contacted me just a few short months ago to book me for her "small" spring wedding at the Crowne  Plaza in Albany (later I found out that "small" to Alia meant about 400 guests)! She and her fiance, Hassan, live in New York City and would not be traveling to the Albany area much before the wedding. Between numerous phone calls, texts and emails we were able to get to know each other and plan out our photography game plan for the day. When I met Alia and Hassan I felt like I had known them for years. The two of them are extremely nice and accommodating and it was a complete pleasure working with them. 

Detail shots and getting ready shots are some of my favorite parts of a wedding day. I could do this alllllll day long! And I was excited to work with Sarah McDonald again- what she can do with hair and makeup is pure magic! And I should know, she does my hair too! :-) 

Just look at the view from the bridal suite at the Crowne Plaza. Too bad it was raining that day, but still it's just a perfect Albany backdrop!

And I'm loving her jewelry!! This is the second Pakistani wedding I've photographed and I love the mix I see between the traditional Pakistani outfits and customs mixed in with this absolutely stunning engagement ring!!

Alia's two best friends helped her get dressed. It's quite a feat let me tell you!!! Hair pins, foam balls, safety pins, glue, folding, tying and lotion all were needed to pull off this outfit. And it was so worth it! I'm always impressed with the gorgeous details in these traditional outfits!

And when they were finished....just beautiful!!

Then it was Hassan's turn. We were running low on time so I warned him, "I'm going to get right down to business and in your time to warm up to the camera...sorry!!"

I think he did just fine....

And we can't forget Hassan's new bling either! Totally amazing!

We did a quick "first look" prior to meeting and greeting the guests.  It was the first "first look" I've ever photographed and I got the chills seeing how emotional two people can get so quickly when the see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The expressions on their faces are simply priceless!!

And before Hassan had to make his appearance at the cocktail hour we snuck in a few shots of the bride and the groom. Maybe it was just them being them...together...but I think there was a bit of relief at this point- I could see them both relax.

I left Alia to herself for a bit while I went downstairs to catch the prayer and some shots of the reception room before the guests went in. The decor was very simple and elegant- I'm a sucker for Calla Lilies myself- they were my wedding flower too!

And then it was time for the grand entrance- so fun!!

How proud and excited does Hassan look as he waits for his bride to enter the room!?

And here she is.

A few more to end the perfect night!

Thank you Alia and Hassan for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day!