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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nicole and Doug ~ Maternity Session

TWINS!!! Another set of twins!! If you've been following my photography for the past few years you've seen many sessions with "multiples".  I have known Nicole for the better part of my life and she and her husband Doug are now expecting twins! They are the owners of the Gauthiers Saranac Lake Inn in Upstate New York and last year purchased some of my photography to grace the walls of their guest rooms. They contacted me again when they were ready to schedule their maternity session. They made a trip from the North Country to the Capital Region to meet up with me at Doug's mother's home.

Can I make a side note here...I could have spent ALL day at that house. There were a million things I could have photographed, a view to die for and every square inch of that house said- "take a load off"- I could have napped like a cat in the sun all afternoon.

Ok so moving on...the weather was crazy- 1750% humidity, breezy then still, hot then cool- crazy. But we were able to find a groove and get some great work done! We started outside in the yard...

Take a gander at this view- breathtaking!!

We simply couldn't take the heat and humidity any longer so we moved on inside and found so many cool places around the house to work with!

Prior to their session, Nicole sent me some links of other photos she really liked the style and feel of. She told me she really like black and white photos, and one pose in particular that she wanted to try was a window shot...I think we nailed it!!!

And even more cool spots, different outfits...I could have stayed ALL day!!

I think they both thought I was crazy when I told them I was going to stop talking to them for a few minutes and they were on their own to "figure it out for yourself". I wanted a totally natural, candid moment....perfect. Exactly what I was going for.

This is one of those "cat nap" locations in this house...

And how cute is this next shot? I love it!!

Thank you Nicole and Doug for inviting me to photograph your pregnancy! I wish you the best and I can't wait to meet the twins this summer!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best Friends

If I've ever heard of a reason to do a Just Because session this is it! Two best friends just wanting to do something fun together!
I've known Karla for quite a few years now. We first met when we both worked as Nutritionists in the dark dungeon of a WIC office at WMY Health Center! We've stayed in touch since I left and I will be shooting her wedding coming up soon in August. 
Karla contacted me to do a fun session with just her and her best friend Barshar. They thought it would be nice to hold their session at RPI where they also work together. So we met up on Sunday, praying the rain would hold off (seems that's all I'm doing these days) and had a little fun!

Pretty sure B. found his calling - I feel like he was born to do sessions like this!

And Karla seemed to enjoy it as well, if I do say so myself

These next two on the fire escape were my favorite of the whole session- very rock n roll!

Thanks guys for a fun time- and see you again in August! Can't wait for your wedding Karla!

Spring Fever Session

Lisa contacted me after seeing I was holding a special in Washington Park. She had been following me on facebook for a while now and thought this would be the perfect time to get some family photos done. (She confessed it had been quite a while!)

Lisa and I had a nice long chat on the phone the night before their session. Turns out she is a photographer as well and knows quite a bit about the business. This family was, in a word, fun. I typically photograph little kids or adults, not teens. So it was nice to work with this different age group. And like I said, we definitely had some fun!!

I don't typically process photos like this, but based on my conversation with Lisa, and this gal's style, I thought it was fitting. I also think it turned out way cool!!

Though, in between the sillies, we were able to catch a few serious shots too, and a pretty darn nice looking family if you ask me!

This next shot is maybe my favorite of the whole session!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Moon Family Session

Mike and Stephanie have been repeat clients of mine many times now and I'm SO ok with that- I mean seriously- their kids are stinking adorable!! I love photographing this family. The way Stephanie dresses everyone- she always puts lot of thought into their outfits! Don't they just look awesome!???

And on this particular session they brought along grandma, grandpa and Auntie Kelly. I was a bit upset Cooper wasn't involved but that cute pug got his time in front of my camera last Christmas :-)

And I'll say it one more time because it's worth it....some of THE cutest kids EVER!!

Hope to work with ya'll again sometime- glad the rain held out for us this time. Thanks for a great session! 

The Young Family

Allison contacted me and said she was interested in having a family session with her husband and their new baby Greyson. We met at Washington Park and it was perhaps the only break of sunshine we've seen in the past week around here. In fact by the time we were ending up, the clouds were rolling back in.

But we managed to have a very successful session. Take a look at this cute baby!!!

And his new family was a joy to work with! We just walked around the park and mom and dad played with baby- what fun, right??

Thank you Allison and Ian for letting me tag along!