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Monday, October 18, 2010

Lights Camera Action

As many of you have read, I asked a friend of mine to take photos of me. Not a family photo shoot, not because of any milestone or event, just me, just because.
I lined up a hair and makeup person (The fabulous Brittany) and carefully selected outfits to create 2 totally different looks. Why did I do this? Am I seriously that vain?

well, what do you think....but that's besides the point!

But seriously, I did this for a few reasons. As a photographer, I spend most of my time on one side of the camera only. I never have the feeling of anxiety that comes from being photographed. I never have to worry about what to wear that will look good in pictures.

So this little project of mine was the perfect way to experience all of the emotions of having a photoshoot done of myself! It was so nerve wracking! Even with a friend photographing me I was still nervous- though maybe it would be easier if the photographer is a stranger...hmmmm maybe I'll have to do this again someday! Maybe on a warmer day- I was freezing! This was between shots, trying to get warm:

But friend or stranger, a good photographer will put you at ease during your photo shoot- totally relaxed and just "in the moment"

I also used this experience as a teaching tool. Chris is a much more experienced photographer than I. I wanted to see a different perspective- would he see shots that I wouldn't think of? How "creative" would he be? How would he direct the shoot? How far would he go to get "the shot"? Would he ask me to do crazy things that normal people wouldn't do...and yes he did! Ummm can you say, "climb that 10 foot tall metal structure, in your high heels and try not to fall into the hole it's sitting in. Oh, and don't scratch yourself- it looks pretty rusty up there"

Another reason- I'm taking my own advice. I have always told professionals, get professional photos done. Why? It makes you look more professional!! If you take the time and effort to get some nice head shots done, or photos of you "in action", it sets you apart from your competition. Whether you're an actor or a model or even a doctor, if you have business cards or a website- get professional photos done! And a head shot doesn't need to be a stuffy photo of you in a business suit, sitting in a photo studio in front of a backdrop. Those are not natural or flattering and definitely not interesting. A head shot can be as unique and beautiful as you want them to be.

And finally...I mean come on, seriously...who DOESN'T love a great photo of themselves? Even if it's, just for a moment, to feel like a supermodel!

Even a big goober like me :)