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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fort Orange Club Wedding, Albany New York, Brandon and Elisa

Without a dry eye in the house, including mine, Brandon and Elisa exchanged their vows on a cold Monday morning. It was Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday, symbolizing hope for the future. They were surrounded by their closest loved ones, even those who couldn't be there physically in the room, with the aid of our wonderful technology. 

I have known Brandon for the better part of 2 decades so being present to witness him take Elisa's hand in marriage was not only exciting for me but so very special. Over the years I have watched Brandon grow, explore in his travels,  become quite entrepenurial yet remain the same person I knew so long ago. Elisa and I officially met for the first time a few short months ago when they approached me to photograph their wedding. Creative, artistic and kind- just a wonderful person and the perfect match for Brandon. Not to mention a fascinating Feng Shui designer who is going to help me make something inspiring out of my new office space!!!

They decided not to see each other prior to the ceremony, but Elisa had seen a great photo of a bride and groom before their ceremony without actually viewing each other. So let's begin there...they're first "non"-look :-)

Even an intimate wedding like this can have wonderful details-my favorite :-)
The Fort Orange Club is so incredibly handsome and full of history!

The Floral Garden of Delmar did a stellar job with the florals! 

Brandon and Elisa told me they spend lots of time playing Scrabble- so what's how perfect is this? 
A Scrabble Cake!!!

Elisa was simply stunning, poised and overjoyed!

Ceremony time!! Here's Brandon, waiting for his bride.

 Family watched on via FaceTime---gotta love the magic of technology these days- makes the world feel so cozy!!

Thank you Brandon and Elisa, for inviting me to capture your wedding. My dear old friend and now my new friend- I wish you nothing but the best for a happy, healthy life together.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Allison and Guillermo ~ Maternity Session ~ Albany, New York Maternity Photography

A classic story of boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy hires wedding photographer to capture his girls baby bump!! Yup- one of my very first wedding couples are having a baby! In just a few short weeks (days!!??) the little guy will make his appearance into the big, big world! This excites me as much as if it were family! 

Take a peek at this amazing couple as they prepare for the birth of their first baby. They brought items from the baby's nursery for us to incorporate as props- I really love to make the session as personal as possible!

These two are just too cute!

Allison looks beautiful, radiant and ready to be a mama!

These two are totally "GQ" if you know what I mean..."RAWR"!!

This session took place the day before Christmas Eve so naturally I wanted to use the beautiful lights on my studio tree! I am so in love with this next shot!!

A natural beauty for sure- I love this window series:

It was so great to see you both and spend the afternoon with you! I can't wait to hear that the little guy is here!!