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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Find repose within the pose" - I'm taking time off to just see. In My Own Words.

That quote was something a yoga instructor used to frequently mutter during class. "Find repose, within the pose." I of course, the master of vocabulary, had to come home, google the word, contemplate and analyze the statement before I could fully understand his intent and put his instruction into practice.

I still revisit and repurpose this advice into other areas of my life--that's the point right?

It's time to take out my 50... if we've ever talked shop on an art level you'd understand what I mean.
In "Amy the photographer world" that means taking repose within my craft. 

Stop looking and start seeing.

I know what I like, it's all around me. My 50 sees like I do. Light, shape, texture.

Whether you noticed or not, I stepped back a bit this summer. Still shooting, still working....less blogging, less publication, less business.

Summer is still going strong and I need to go deeper. 

Find repose in the everyday.