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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mad Men inspired Editorial photosession- After Dark Education- St Louis/ Albany New York Photographer

It's midnight of Day 2 at After Dark (actually it's night #4 for me since I came in 2 nights early)--session # FIVE of the day is just wrapping up. I'm aching and tired and longing for my bed. My brain can't seriously handle another 
creative session could it???

"Hey there's a Mad Men shoot at 1am....who's in??!?" 
ummmmm.....yea, there's my second wind!!! 
Mad Men!??!! 
I can't pass this up. 

So 1am we begin, 330am we finish. It was so totally worth it...the whole week was like this. I pushed myself physically, mentally, creatively and the results were nothing like I had expected. 

This editorial shoot is sexy, scandalous and unexpected! I learned how to pose models to tell a story, how to use a different type of lighting I never considered before and I challenged myself to keep things consistent and clean. I'm in love with the final result! I'd love to hear what you think :-)

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Newborn Photography, Albany New York, The Roots

The moment I know MANY have been waiting for!! Baby Caleb's newborn photos!! This was the second time in front of my camera and he was only 6 days old!! If you're new to my blog in the past few weeks you may have missed Caleb's birth story and photos from his delivery which you can visit HERE if you'd like!!

Valerie, Rick and Caleb had already melded into each other and were the perfect little package. Such a happy family right from the get-go! These photos were totally natural, capturing the obvious strong love they all have for each other.

So, without further adieu I'd like share with you some of the highlights from Caleb's newborn photosession! 

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