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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In My Own Words- I'm giving up on being weird.

No matter how "weird" I want to be, I'm coming to the sad realization that I'm really just NORMAL. 

I floss, I eat lunch at noon, I sometimes find my radio station tuned to the "easy listening station".
I wear TOMS, tank tops and a lot of black, 
but don't we all? 

I'm not a hipster or a bohemian, I'm not a shabby chic girlie girl, and I'm not a punk rocker. Though I have been known to sport a strand of color in my hair--gasp the unconformity!!! 
Well actually quite conforming so strike that.

I'm a wanna be green hippy who loves White House Black Market and Louis Vuitton - sue me. 
I light incense, I smudge, I drink green juice, I buy local and organic. I rarely eat meat, I practice yoga and meditate. I love NYC and when I drink champagne it's only Veuve de Clicot.

As far as my photography goes---

I dont have a catchy name that can be spelled by using a symbol on the keyboard. 

I don't go to far off lands photographing third world countries in order to raise funds for a charitable cause. 

I dont have a heart wrenching story about how I used photography to heal myself from a tragedy and that's how I got into business. 

I didn't go to a fancy art school and learn art theory, composition and color. 

I dont follow the photography rules, because I dont know what they are.

I had a baby and she inspired me. I documented her daily life for 6 months while my husband was in the police academy. His heart broke that he missed those precious first days. And during that time I learned that I loved photography, I was good at it and I never looked back.

But I'll be the first to admit, I use my camera phone and Instagram far more often than my Nikon!

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