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Monday, March 18, 2013

Newborn Twin Photography, Albany New York, The Radley Family

Babies are precious- cute, cuddly, soft- perfection. I love photographing babies and their families in more of a "real life" if you will :-) I want to capture the authentic moments between mommies and new babies, older children with their new siblings, swift and loving glances between mom and dad. These are the memories. 

Yes, everyone loves a perfect portrait- so I create those as well. But my favorite images, the ones that really speak to me, are the ones that tell the story, that make you feel exactly what life is like at that moment. 
So real you can hear the soft "shhhhhh" mom makes to soothe her new baby, you can almost smell the powdery sweet newborn baby smell and you catch yourself rocking back and forth, instinctively, as any parent does.

The Radley Family and my camera are long time friends. I was so excited to hear their news that they were expecting twins!!! I had my left hand lady, Heather of Heather Eddings Photography, there to assist- she got some serious snuggling in and I couldn't  have done it without her to hold babies, rock them and be my human baby positioner- 
what an ab workout that was!!

This session was split into two days- so that means we got LOTS of great photos! Sit back, grab a cup of joe and get ready for some cute baby overload!

What a great session!! Congratulations and thank you Radley Family for allowing me to photograph your family again! 
As always, it was a pleasure! 

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