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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In My Own Words- I'm giving up on being weird.

No matter how "weird" I want to be, I'm coming to the sad realization that I'm really just NORMAL. 

I floss, I eat lunch at noon, I sometimes find my radio station tuned to the "easy listening station".
I wear TOMS, tank tops and a lot of black, 
but don't we all? 

I'm not a hipster or a bohemian, I'm not a shabby chic girlie girl, and I'm not a punk rocker. Though I have been known to sport a strand of color in my hair--gasp the unconformity!!! 
Well actually quite conforming so strike that.

I'm a wanna be green hippy who loves White House Black Market and Louis Vuitton - sue me. 
I light incense, I smudge, I drink green juice, I buy local and organic. I rarely eat meat, I practice yoga and meditate. I love NYC and when I drink champagne it's only Veuve de Clicot.

As far as my photography goes---

I dont have a catchy name that can be spelled by using a symbol on the keyboard. 

I don't go to far off lands photographing third world countries in order to raise funds for a charitable cause. 

I dont have a heart wrenching story about how I used photography to heal myself from a tragedy and that's how I got into business. 

I didn't go to a fancy art school and learn art theory, composition and color. 

I dont follow the photography rules, because I dont know what they are.

I had a baby and she inspired me. I documented her daily life for 6 months while my husband was in the police academy. His heart broke that he missed those precious first days. And during that time I learned that I loved photography, I was good at it and I never looked back.

But I'll be the first to admit, I use my camera phone and Instagram far more often than my Nikon!

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Jen said...

And that's why you're an artist, Amy, because it all comes from your heart.

We are all unique and "weird"...we all have our own quirks. Just because yours aren't quirkier then others doesn't make you less of a photographer. You DO have a voice in your photographs...that's why they are so special and lovely. You might not see it because it's your voice, but I do and so do all your other fans.