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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Fix {A. Hedges Photography- Albany, New York Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer}

What I learned from New York City, The FIX 

- There are many fantastic photographers right here in my area who want to join forces together to help us succeed individually.
- But in the same breath, I am the only one who can ultimately get me to where I want to be.
- I do things in my business that I hate doing.
- I'm still excited about photography- I believe in photography- I won't give up on photography.
- I do things in my business that don't reflect my brand.
- NYC is magic.

- I still have LOTS to learn- and I desperately seek to learn these things.
- I want to blog more. And if people read my words, fantastic, but if not that's ok too. I just need to write.
- I'm still a very shy person in large groups.
- I'm good at making changes when needed to further my success.
- Showit is so amazing I was able to launch my brandy-new mobile website right from my NYC hotel room- cutting edge right there! Check it out on your iPad or your phone!! ...NOW...I'll wait :-)

- I want to be a successful photographer, permanently.
- Support from friends, family and other loved ones is important and nice, but it's nothing you can force. And without it, you'll still be OK. 
- NYC and I mix like oil and vinegar- not so well on our own, but with the right amount of help we're a beautiful combination. (I wouldn't have found my way out of a paper bag without my husbands help. He got us from point A to point B, found places to eat and sights to see. He's good like that--my hero.)

I did something this past weekend that many people don't get to do. I met one of the people who has a significant influence on me, my business, and my brand. I met her, I hugged her, I listened to her person. I sat there with a smile on my face and a pen in my hand. I devoured every word she spoke. I soaked up the energy, the message and the inspiration. And I left with a fire in me to go and DO.

I'm scared. 
Out. of. my. mind. 
Scared of failure, of struggle, of sacrifice. 
But my desire is stronger. My drive is stronger. My discipline and passion will push me to overcome.

(PS The lovely lady in the photo with Jasmine and me...that's Heather- you're going to see a LOT of her coming up, I just know it! She's gonna be huge :-) Check her out... HERE )


jasmine* said...

SO THANKFUL to have met you! Thank you for making NYC extra sweet! :)

Tricia said...

I got to meet you! You're awesome and so is Heather :) Thanks for talking to me at the Fare before the Fix

Anonymous said...

It is always great when you can go to a conference and get excited, energized, inspired, motivated and educated. It sounds like you got all that. Now take it and run! Implement one new thing a day or a week - whatever you can handle. Set a tangible goal. Make a picture or photo of it. Put it where you can see it everyday. Reward yourself when you reach milestones toward that goal. Cherish the friendships you make along this journey and find a power partner that can continually motivate, encourage and lift you up. Sometimes when you feel you can't do it or are struggling borrow some belief from someone else. I am so happy for you that you got to meet Jasmine. I know that this will accelerate your business and accentuate your talent!

Lisa Perez said...

Thank you for sharing....a lot of what you said resonates with me. Wishing you the best!
-Lisa Perez

Jodi Harris said...

So happy for you! It sounds like you had fun! Thanks for sharing.