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Thursday, March 8, 2012

AHP 52 Week Challenge ~ Week 11

This past week was perhaps my favorite week so far!! It was by far the simplest theme this year and I really thought it was going to give everyone a break from the crazy interpretive themes I've been throwing out lately. FORK turned out to be pretty amazing. Almost every submission was completely different.  I even learned new meanings of the word fork that I had never heard of before! I was incredibly impressed with you guys. You took a simple task and stretched once again! 

Well this week I'm going to be a bit selfish. You see tomorrow I'm traveling to NYC to see the AMAZING Jasmine Star speak. She is one of my biggest influences and inspirations and this is kind of a dream come true. Really. Expect major gushing, tears and silly starstruck embarrassment on my facebook page this weekend!!

So I knew I was going to NYC and I knew I'd want to take photos while I was there. So I came up with this week's theme with that in mind. Take it as you'd like and do what you will with guys obviously create amazingness so I'm kind of expecting nothing less from here on out!

The AHP 52 Week Challenge Week 11 Theme is: LIGHTS

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Julia said...

Be awesome! Have a super time! I like Jasmine. Also, check out Elizabeth Messina - her style is similar and awwweeesome.