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Thursday, February 2, 2012

AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge - Week 6

This past week was great! There were so many creative photos illustrating "sleep" I was impressed to say the least! I'm also excited to see that people are keeping up week to week, as well as some who are entering in the challenge late and submitting photos from weeks past! 

A few reminders, since we do have new participants. I will post my photo either Sunday or Monday of each week. Once I do, you can add a link to your photo in the comments area under my photo. Create a Facebook (or flikr etc) album called "AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge".  Make sure it's a public album so everyone else can see your submissions each week. I will announce the new theme each week on Thursday morning. That's it- no rules, no judging, no winners. Just creative expression. And any level of photography is welcome!

I thought we could try something a little new this week. Under my weekly photo, after you've added your submission link, if you'd like, also leave a comment suggesting a photo challenge theme! I do have most of the year planned out, but if we get some great suggestions and people seem to like this idea we can use your ideas instead of mine every week!

So this is Week 6, let's keep up the momentum and see some "ACTION" photos!! 

AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge Week 6 is "Action/Movement"! So get moving!! :-)

Oh and by the way...notice up top...I now have a "PinIt" Button!! You can pin my blog on fun!!

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Kayla Rochelle said...

Thanks for doing all the work to host this challenge. I'm really enjoying logging in each Thursday and finding out the challenge!