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Monday, January 30, 2012

You never know the impact of your words... A. Hedges Photography

Think of all the conversations you have that are seemingly common. Your child's teacher, your co-worker, the cab driver, your restaurant server, your mothers friend that you bump into at the grocery store. What have you said to these people? Anything profound? Inspring? The words out of your mouth are the same words in their ears. Words have meaning, feeling, power.

My father is a artist. An extremely talented artist who is passionate about his craft. You'd be depriving yourself if you don't take a peek at his work: George Dowse. Go check it'll wait!!

During the summer he occasionally sets up his art at the Bethlehem Art Associations table at the farmer's market. One particular day a woman approached and they struck up a conversation. This woman happened to be the mother of one of my classmates in High School. The details of this exchange are still a bit fuzzy to me, but they spoke of their children, art, and probably the greatness of the farmer's market, or the weather...typical stuff. Or maybe not...

My father's words were passed along to Martin, another very talented artist out of Nashville. Martin was touched, to say the least, and wanted to make a connection with my father and asked for my help. Martin is a wood block print artist- the whole process and the final product is amazing to me! Check out this very inspiring interview Martin Cadieux! And yes, I'll wait again ;-) 

Martin and I collaborated on a project- well he did the project, I just gave a bit of input, and that's even giving me too much credit!! He wanted to create a wood block for my father OF my father working. And his idea was to use a photo that I took for a little artistic fusion feel!

I've said far too much and will abruptly end now with the photos Martin sent me of the progress of this amazing project. My father, to say the least was surprised by the impact of the conversation, impressed with Martin's talent and excited about this great gift.

The photos and work in progress....

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