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Thursday, February 9, 2012

AHP 52 Week Challenge~ Week 7

Wowzers- where did the week go??!!! I totally didn't even realize today was Thursday....can you say "looooosing it!!"?

So, last week's theme "Movement" proved to be another inspiration to many of you! Love the action shots, the techniques used and the ideas you came up with. I have noticed however, that our numbers are dropping a bit, which is definitely to be expected but it does make me a bit sad to see some of you go. Lots of uplifting encouragement for your fellow participants may help....just a suggestion...spread the love! :-)

Which, coincidentally brings us to the next item on the list- the photo theme for week 7...

Next week is Valentine's Day. I debated over and over again about doing a V-day theme and decided,'s gonna happen. I do love Valentines Day...sorry for the haters! But theres something about a romantic card, a dinner date out with my honey and heart shaped pancakes for the kids that makes me all warm and fuzzy! 

But to be fair to the Valentine's Day lovers and the haters, this theme is wide open for interpretation. It's anything Valentine's Day related... love, passion, red, pink, hearts...whatever you'd like my dears!

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