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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A. Hedges Photography- Winter Fitness Session- Albany New York Photography

Winter blues? Yea I'm feeling it. Even though we've had a relatively mild, uneventful winter so far, I'm still longing for the days of flip flops, farmers markets and softball games. It's mid-Feb and that damn woodchuck saw his shadow so maybe we'll see Spring in...July? Who knows with this crazy weather these days.

Anyway, January resolutions are weakening, hibernation is setting in and I'm feeling quite unmotivated lately. I did this session a while back and never blogged about it but now that I'm feeling the need to get back in the workout game I'm revisiting the session and giving it the attention it deserves. 

Little needs to be said about these photos:
Killer body, strong, long, lean. I'm loving the shadow and contrast in the detail shots and I love the peaceful serenity of the outdoor yoga shots. 

Alright-y to workout! :-)

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