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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Becky and Matt ~ Jamaican Destination Wedding ~ A. Hedges Photography

"I love you. I've loved you since the first moment I saw you. I 

guess maybe I've even loved you before I saw you." 

~ George Eastman, A Place in The Sun

So how does a relatively new wedding photographer get to go on a trip to Jamaica to photograph a wedding? She's got to be very , very , very lucky!!! And that I am. :-)
So soon after Becky and Matt were engaged, they contacted me to schedule their engagement session. We never spoke wedding plans because they planned on getting married in Jamaica and that was that. But Becky got to thinking....and apparently speaking with my Fairy God-Mother...and decided that she would rather have me and Brittany tag along! (insert happy dance here)

So, I thought there was nothing I loved more than wedding photography, but it turns out that tropical paradise wedding photography may just take the cake!

For those who missed my Resort Scenery album, let's start there with an abbreviated recap...a bit of an introduction to The Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica!!

The day of the wedding was obviously perfect and Becky was so excited...but so calm. Just happy and peaceful!! There's something to be said for a small destination're in "vacation mode", everything is taken care of and all you need to do is pamper yourself and relax!

Brittany was invited along as well to provide her fantastic hair and makeup styling. Becky wasn't going to take her chances with anyone but the best to prep her for her big day!

What shoes are appropriate for a beach wedding? Well flip flops of course!! But these were no ordinary flops...check them out- so cute and fancy!

The next shot is totally not my typical style, but I could NOT help myself. The view from Becky's suite, the colors of the flowers against the bright blue of the about a POP of color!

 Ok...back to AHP style...

The resort had a very 1960's vintage feel to it- so not tropical, but I loved it just the same!

The ceremony was held, of course, on the beach! The Couples Tower Isle put on a beautiful wedding ceremony. Short and sweet but so very unique and special. 

Matt looked very cool and calm (despite the extreme heat and humidity) waiting on the beach for his bride!

And here she comes...just breathtaking

The guest group shot :-)

A quick stroll down the beach to the garden where we were met by a delicious wedding cake and champagne toast.

It was also where Becky and Matt had their first dance as husband and wife! This first shot was Brittany's- (uh-oh I better watch out she doesn't take my job!!)

and my take on the first dance...just a perfect tropical scene!

Back to the beach for some more photo fun with just Becky and Matt. We had quite a bit of time before dinner, but not so much time before we lost light, so we took advantage of the fading light and grabbed some killer sunset shots!

Wedding dress on a beach? It's gonna get sandy- 100%. But the lace on Becky's dress almost looked like it was SUPPOSED to be speckled in beach sand- her dress had the perfect, elegant yet simple, destination style.

Did I mention it was hot???! We needed a quick cool off in the pool and then it was time for dinner.

A few more night time shots around the resort and then we called it a day. A perfect day. A beautiful, special, amazing, once in a lifetime gift of a day!

Becky and Matt, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for including me in your wedding plans. I will never forget this experience and I was honored to be a part of your day. I wish you two nothing but the best for a long, happy, healthy future together...."with rum"! :-)



Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! It makes me want to renew my vows at that very place , or somewhere just as beautiful!!!! Bride and groom= gorgeous, photographer= amazing!!!!!

unique weddings said...

What a beautiful place. Congratulations to the newly wed. May more best to come.