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Friday, November 18, 2011

Bad Photo Makeover Contest Winner-Oakwood Cemetery- Portrait Photography

A few months back I held a contest on my facebook page. It was a Bad Photo Makeover contest and people entered by submitting "bad" photos of themselves. It was a huge hit and everyone got really in to it. I LOVED that people had so much fun with it and put themselves "out there" like that. I'm sure it wasn't easy!! 

That's kind of the theme of this photo session. Vanessa, the first place winner, and I came up with this idea for her session. Dark, outrageous, cemetery, black, but very beautiful just the same. It was definitely not like my normal work but I was so excited! And Vanessa, like most people, don't feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera. So we both stepped out of our comfort zones and reached for greatness.  I think we made a great team, along with the always fabulous Brittany who did Vanessa's hair and makeup styling.

I couldn't be happier with how these images turned out...definitely one of my all time favorite sessions!!
The location: Oakwood Cemetery in Troy- the burial place of Uncle Sam and the coolest (and creepiest) cemetery I've ever seen!!

 The buildings in this cemetery were gorgeous....and so scary!!

I love the back-lit look of these shots but I also love them without...I just couldn't decide which look I loved more so here's both!!

Even in a cemetery,Vanessa looked gorgeous!!

I'm preeeety sure this next one was a misfire. I think I was just testing the lighting but it has turned out to be one of my favorites from the whole session BECAUSE it was totally spontaneous and unplanned. It looks like a respect it.

 Vanessa brought some super cool props with her. I just loved this wooden owl!

We searched and searched for this statue and finally found it just as we were completely losing our light- it totally gave me the heebie jeebies but we had to use it--obviously!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this next shot...a little different lighting technique than my norm- turned out perfect!

CHECK THESE NEXT TWO SHOTS OUT--- comeonnow....totally amazing!!

As I was leaving Oakwood Cemetery I stopped for a second to catch the last bit of light. QUICK though, because I was now alone and totally freaked myself out!! :-)


Karen Siciliano said...

This is an outstanding shoot. Nes you were so beautiful!!! And your work is amazing!!

Susan said...

Great work with the lighting! I love the 3rd to the last one!