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Friday, July 1, 2011

Washington Park Family Session

This session was pretty cool if you ask me. Jenn and her husband, Charlie, recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. They decided to have a vow renewal ceremony, which in and of itself is awesome if you ask me- I love that kind of stuff. Well, friends of Jenn's contacted me and asked if they could buy her and Charlie a photo session as a gift....GREAT IDEA!!
So not only is this simply a sweet gift idea, it's also commemorating a very special anniversary. AND just a few days later happened to be Jenn's 30th birthday- what great timing!
So this session was a documentation of many things for their family and I thought that was really special. 

We decided to have the session in Washington Park- one of my favorites for a family session. And the green of the park is so rich and vibrant right now- I love it! 

So meet Jenn, Charlie and their daughter, Brezney!

I typically like to do a hand shot for families. While they may not be the most creative idea, they always seem to be a favorite of the family and very special to them. I love this one in particular because of the personality in it. Brezney with her green nailpolish, which Jenn wasn't too fond of :-), and Jenn's new tattoo- which I was VERY fond of!

So we simply walked around the park for a bit, watched the water and snapped some photos. Very relaxed and easy! I hope you guys had a nice time :-)

And Happy Anniversary Jenn and Charlie!

These guys are a very sweet, close knit family- I could just tell!

The sun came out for a quick minute just while I was taking some shots of Miss Brezney- I love this one!

A few more family shots- I love these tall tall trees!

I hope you all enjoyed yourself during your session- you've got great friends to think of you and now you've got photos to remember this time by!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a GREAT family! We love these guys as a family and individually! Congrats on a wonderful photo shoot! See you soon, Love You Guys, Dee and Steph