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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Isabella is ONE

After a week on vacation- sunning and funning up at the lake with my family- I was ready to return to work. It was sad to leave the great weather and relaxation of the Adirondacks but I was very looking forward to my session that was scheduled for two hours after I walked in my front door. I was even more excited for this session when I met Isabella. 

Talk about a one year old bundle of absolute cuteness! HUGE brown eyes, a gorgeous head of dark hair, a cute personality with a smile to match. And her dress...right up my alley with her style- ok so probably mom's style, but what's the diff :-)

So meet Isabella- she's going to be one in a few weeks!!

Look at those little teeth!! She was very serious most of our session, but when she smiled she totally lit up! She actually reminds me of my Ryley!

Her little outfit and her bow was very cute. I love the white and blue look- on kids, on adults, as room decor- it's right up my style alley these days!

Next photo is the first teaser I posted- my favorite from the session- hands down!!! 

Her serious side :)

oooop- and then there's the smile! 

Even though is was 957 degrees outside we still escaped the air conditioning for a few minutes to get some GREEN in the photos! Still- smiles all around!

And, as all of my fans know, I love intimate, candid moments between kids and parents. Even though mom was clear that this wasn't a family session and just a "one year old Isabella session" I just couldn't help myself. I LOVE shots like this!! 

Thanks for stopping by Isabella- Happy first birthday- you were such a great model! 

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Kristine Carey said...

Amy...amazing pics(as always)! I can't wait for you to take pics of my boys again!