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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eli and Kateri ~ Engagement Session

Eli, Kateri and I have many mutual friends from being a part of the Delmar Fire Department and otherwise. We officially first met this past winter at a holiday party of a mutual friend. They were just starting to look for a photographer for their wedding and got to talking over a few cocktails and the rest is history!
I was looking forward to this session for a few reasons. One: I love engagement/couple sessions!! Two: These guys are "really, really, ridiculously good looking" as only Zoolander can explain for me. I'm talking HOT!!!
And three: I knew that they would go all out for their session. I'm a casual girl myself so I understand the desire to have a casual, real life photo session. But when I know there's going to be some effort put into a session I get way overly excited! 
And they didn't disappoint me...take a look: 

Washington Park was a beautiful setting that evening. We took full advantage of the great light and nice weather.

oh, and did I mention that Eli is also a photographer ( When photographing another fellow photographer I tend to get a bit nervous. But while I was making the two of them feel comfortable I became more relaxed as well. I love when synergy flows...makes for a incredible photo session experience!!

So after the park we had an outfit change (I loved the pink but I looooove the black--I'm always wearing black!!) and headed to a new location...for a minute or two before... a security guard yelled at us and said we couldn't shoot there. Oh well....who knew!?? I got the shots I needed and the security guard got his "take home story" for the day!

Look how gorgeous Kateri is, Eli is one lucky guy. 

So after being told to leave, we headed to the Empire State Plaza to finish up. More and more perfection coming your way- the light, the couple, the evening, everything was perfect!

Don't let these two fool you- their sexy, serious exterior is just a cover up for their totally cute, fun personalities! 

We got to the Plaza just in time for this amazing light!!

I told Kateri to give me a "fierce" look...I think she nailed it! :-)

Thanks guys for picking me and for being so amazing- I can't wait for your wedding in September!

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