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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sara and Brent~ Lakeside Farms Wedding ~ Wedding Photography

Sara asked me to photograph her wedding it seems, just seconds after I found out she and Brent got engaged. Sara and I have some mutual friends and she has seen the work I've done for them. Naturally I was thrilled when she contacted me but I was even more thrilled when I found out more details about her wedding.
I love all types of weddings, I love the details, the emotion, the details, the fun, THE DETAILS :-) you get the idea. But I have a soft spot for outdoorsy, casual, relaxed and laid back style weddings. Maybe it's because I was married in the Adirondaks and had a very laid back vibe to my wedding as well. 
Well Sara told me her wedding was going to be at Lakeside Farms in Ballston Lake, she said it was, "Rustic"- I said, "Amazing"!
I know I went major overboard with this blog- I simply couldn't help myself. The details of this wedding were right up my alley and I loved every second of this wedding day! 

We started bright and early at The Envy Loft with the fabulous Regan!

And then it was back to the hotel to get their makeup done and get dressed!! A friend of the family did the amazing makeup job on Sara, her sister and her mother! 

Here's where I go a little crazy- the amazing bright shoes, the linen dress perfect for a hot day, the jewelry, I went a bit ga-ga!!



Off in the limo- we hit up Congress Park for their "First Look". I've said it before, but I love when couples decide on a First Look. We get more time taking photos, they get more time with their guests and, come on, I love them- the expressions of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time--just priceless!!

Then we headed to Lakeside Farms for the ceremony. It was a very hot day but the sky was an amazing bright blue and the ceremony was simple and short- very beautiful. 


Inside the "rustic" decor was beautiful. A different floral centerpiece for each long table- brilliant!! Check these flowers out too- they're beautiful and like I've never seen before.

After the food was served and the cake was cut, the party broke loose! What a fun group of people and the dancing went on all night long with the help of Kenny Casanova of The DJ Service !!

Oh and look who it is...a future A. Hedges Photography bride and groom- keep an eye out for Melissa and Michael in 2012! :-)

The final dance of the sweet, peaceful, I can almost hear Sara sighing- she pulled off a fabulous wedding!!

Phew that was a mega blog post but I just didn't want to leave anything out!! Congratulations Brent and Sara, I obviously thought your wedding was the bomb and I'm so glad you asked me to be there to capture every moment! Best wishes....


Jessica said...

I am so very grateful I found this post! My fiance and I are highly considering getting married at Lakeside Farms, but I was worried it wouldn't be able to look romantic enough for a wedding. Your photos of this wedding showed that it could be pulled off. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Jessica- I'm so glad you found it too!! I love love LOVED this wedding. The bride told me it was going to be "rustic" which is right up my alley but when I saw the venue I was blown away. It was so simple and sweet and the small little details really made it special!!!! Good luck with your wedding planning :-)