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Monday, February 28, 2011

Newborn magic

So, you have a newborn baby- how exciting! You have a dream of capturing this new little bundle of joy in all its glory on film. So you schedule a newborn photo shoot with your favorite photographer...ME! :)

In your mind the shoot will go like this....sweet little happy baby doing sweet little happy baby things. Then she will drift off to sleep and then I will mold the chubby, wrinkly, precious, sleeping baby into uber cute poses in baskets, with trendy hats and beautiful hand knitted blankets. Easy peasy....riiiiight!

But then the photographer gets to you home and the baby nothing like the little angel in your photo shoot fantasy. So how do we get great "wall worthy" photos? Patience and faith and lots of it!!

You'd never know to look at these photos that this baby went from very content to pretty unhappy about having her photo taken. This is where the faith comes in. I am able to see quick pockets of time where I can catch a beautiful moment, though on the other side of my camera- it's total chaos. Have faith that when I say things are going well...they are. Don't get frustrated or uptight- just go with my flow!

This don't forget a heaping helping of patience. It sometimes takes a LONG time to go from this....a super wide eyed and bushy tailed baby (and yes SMILING at just one moth old!!) ....

To this...a calm, precious, sleeping baby. In fact it took as long as 2 diaper changes, 3 meltdown crying sessions and two feedings to get to this precious moment.....slooooowly fading into "la-la land"

So when you're convinced there's NO way I could be getting anything good out of your photo session- I may just secretly surprise you :)

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