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Monday, March 7, 2011

Worth the Wait

I met Doug and Jeannine a few years back through some mutual friends. In fact, I may have been pregnant with my first baby when we met, maybe not, its been long enough that scatter-brained me can't remember.

Anyway, what I CAN remember is that Jeannine has talked about having a baby from the very day we met! She REALLY wanted kids!! And she should- she's the sweetest person, very kind and very upbeat- she's also quite fun with a few cocktails in her :) She'll make a GREAT mom!

So, it was a long time coming, but Jeannine and Doug finally announced they were expecting!! She was approaching her due date and she emailed me about pricing for a maternity photo shoot. Ironically it was the day before her baby shower and I had planned on giving her a gift of a photo shoot as a gift so I emailed back, "I can't tell you, you'll find out tomorrow!!" So, immediately after her shower we set up her shoot- she's due in a month so we didn't have much time to waste!

Over this past weekend I went to their home to capture Doug and Jeannine in all her pregnancy glowing glory. Take a gander and you'll be able to see for yourself exactly how happy they both are.

And I don't think you need me to tell you what fanatic Yankees fans they are...let's just hope this new baby agrees with them!

And a few more- just 'cuz she's so beautiful!

Best wishes guys- can't wait to meet the new baby soon!!

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