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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jeggins- the catalyst of the modern mid-life crisis

So I know I'm not the first to blog about this fashion ...trend...and I never thought I would ever find a reason to talk about them myself. But after today's shopping experience I now realize how deep and complex this topic really is- much more than simply jeans that are so tight you can't avoid to see one's bits and pieces!

I had a few soul shaking realizations today during said shopping trip. You see, I'm basically a stay at home mom. Though I do have my own business I don't have to wear power suits or even khakis, I don't have to wait for casual Friday to wear jeans. So what does one wear on a daily basis. Sweats? Yoga pants? T-shirts? Yea...that's hot.... 

But even further than that, I'm at the age where I don't fall into a well defined fashion category. At 32 years old, I'm too old to shop at Abercrombie and Fitch but far to young to venture into Chicos. I love Ann Taylor, but as I said, the high fashion business attire that I used to wear on a daily basis when I worked 9-5, doesn't quite fit my diaper changing, ring-around-the-rosie playing lifestyle anymore.

I feel like I have a young vibe to me...some may call it immature, I call it cool....did I ever mention I was a big dork!?? Anyway, I'm realizing I can't pull off the same look I did in my 20's. I realized this when I squeezed myself into a pair of Jeggins. I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't realize I had picked them up when I was looking in the sea of denim for a new pair of jeans. I took one look in the mirror, and while I "pulled them off" I just felt silly. So I opted for the more relaxed, boyfriend cut jeans and moved on....oh the shame...

The other situation that contributed to my psychosis today was in the Gap. I found two sweaters that looked like "just my style". I tried them on, they fit like a glove! They looked like they already belonged in my closet. My husband sees them and says, "oh nice, two more house coats for you to wear." Hmmmm ok so I like the occasional comfy sweater to wear around the house....but

So I end up home with my loose, relaxed fit jeans and my "house coats" and feel.....shhhh...dare I say it....old!!! What do I do next? I of course get right back in my car and speed to the closest CVS drug store and buy $150 worth of creams, serums and lotions that promise anti-aging, age reversing and rejuvenation. And tomorrow I will work out harder than I have been, I'll drink lots of water, switch my morning coffee to antioxidant rich green tea, I'll tune the dial to Fly 92 instead of 99.5 (you locals can appreciate that) and hopefully the Olay aisle that is now in my bathroom will be the fountain of youth it tells me it is!

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