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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Universe Spoke To me- I HEART FACES ENTRY


I have entered photos into the I HEART FACES weekly contests in the past. I LOVE looking at the other entries- there are so many talented photographers out there! But as a busy mama with a new business, I don't always have the time to enter these contests, so I only do it if one really speaks to me!! 

Well this week I HAD to enter. Why?? Well the universe is speaking to seriously- I'm not kidding. If I got an email this morning, directly from the universe, it wouldn't have been more obvious than the "message" I got!!

Literally, three days ago I discovered Jasmine Star - she is an incredible photographer (those words do not do her justice) and I feel like I've been unjustly slighted since I've gone this long in my life without knowing her and her work. I have done little other in the past few days but devour her blog, study her photos and watch her interviews. She is ridiculous- in a good way- amazing- I don't have the words (enter image of babbling idiot making an ass of herself). 

Well this week's contest is coincidentally being guest judged by...guess got it...JASMINE STAR! Unbelievable right!!? If she was judging last weeks challenge I wouldn't have even known who she was and would have passed it right by!!

(read the following with a slight tone of humor)   ;-) ...I take universal signs very seriously- this was a very clear, very direct, very obvious sign from above. What it is telling me? To enter the contest? Maybe. That I'm on the right track with my photography and my business? I certainly hope so! But in any event- I got chills when I saw she was judging the contest and started searching for the perfect entry photo. 

So this week- SMILE. Man oh man, a photographer looking through her work to find a photo of someone smiling...yea that's easy- enter sarcasm here. But it didn't really take long for me to think of the perfect photo to use for this weeks SMILE challenge. I mean have you EVER seen a sweeter face!!????

It's far from a technically perfect photo. A smile is an extension of an emotion so that's what I was looking for- a smile that showed emotion in the subject- that CAUSES emotion in the viewer- even if the photo was less than tack sharp and perfectly balanced. But it's my little buggy on her very first Christmas. She has the face of a little cherub and a smile so warm it can melt an iceburg.


Katie said...

Such a great shot! Those baby smiles change so much, and to get such a great first Christmas shot is awesome! You're right - she does look angelic!

Laura said...

I love this photo too. It makes me laugh out load everytime I see it, she is just too cute!!!