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Friday, January 14, 2011

Syd-bee is TWO

Or as she will tell you- she's FOUR! Yes, my first born angel babe is two years old today.
Sydney Beatrice (Syd-bee) is probably one of the most photographed children ever. And she LOVES it (sarcasm- 100%). She is a typical two year old when it comes to the camera..refuses to look, makes silly faces, wants to touch the lens...totally uncooperative. It's unfortunate though, because that little face of hers is perfect!

Now, take a look at my logo...notice the bee!?? Yup that's my little "shout out" to my Miss Sydney. When she was first born my husband was in the police academy- that meant away from home Sunday evening until Friday evening...all day, all night, every day. I was home, a first time mom with a little bundle of baby. What did I do to pass the time. Take photos of her- LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of photos. Mainly to document everything that her daddy was missing so he could catch up on the weekends. But also because I was bored and like I said, she had a perfectly cute face that just NEEDED to be photographed!

So Miss Sydney Beatrice helped launch my photography business and I had to give credit where credit was due. The little bumble bee in my logo will remain, even though I now also have my new little baby who we call buggy- maybe I'll have to expand on the design.... ;)

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