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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesdays Toot

Since last Tuesday the biggest event in my life had to have been Sydney's second birthday. I wrote about it on her actual birthday, Friday, but I guess this is part two!

She is only two, however she was entitled to an entire weekend of birthday festivities...just like anyone else is, as far as I'm concerned!

So for her actual birthday, we started out the day with her opening some presents!! She didn't quite understand the difference between her birthday presents and Christmas presents and was convinced Santa had something to do with it...we'll have to work on that one.

 "This is howling" as Dug the Dog would say...

The after presents we went out to eat for breakfast at a very laid back, lazy kind of place just a few miles from our home. The kind of place you see in movies with the tall stacks of pancakes and plates of sausage. The coffees good, there are free newspapers that you fold back up and leave for the next person, the table may be a little sticky but somehow that's OK and there's a row of "mature" men sitting on bar stools, shootin' the shit and flirting with the young waitresses. Yea- a nice kinda place.

BUT....Sydney was off the wall!! I really felt bad for our waitress and the other diner guests. But at least they didn't ask us to leave!
Can she read??? Sure looks like it...

Ryley a bit upset she got pureed peas and not Huevos Rancheros-

 2.7 seconds after the milk arrived....

And of course, as mentioned before...mature man sitting on a bar stool reading the paper, sipping coffee...

Then the BIG EVENT was Sunday! Her PARTY!! She was, of course, excited about presents- again thinking Santa was dropping by. And she loves sweets so the idea of cake was enough to get her bouncing like a 3 day sugar binge! Especially an amazing cake like this one, created by my talented cousin Jaimie. Inspired by Sydney's favorite movie, "Up"!

After a few games of Kinect Bowling

(apparently we all got the "wear black and white" MEMO)

And a mother/son boxing match

It was time to say good night....or rather go pass out in mommy and daddy's bed half way through the party.

Sydney is what I'd call "a handful", 

but she's two, she's cute and she's mine...I'll keep her :)

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