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Monday, January 10, 2011

Introducing Something New

So this is a photo blog right? people follow my blog to see the photos I take, the story behind the photo shoot and other photo realted information ...right?

Honestly, I wouldn't! That's pretty boring if you ask me...

How many times does someone want to read, "Oh I shot a FABULOUS wedding this weekend, here's the gorgeous dress, the quirky bridal party, and how much do you LOVE those shoes!!?" Yea- boooring! Not for the people in the photos of course, and not for me as the photographer, but for you, as the random stranger reading this blog. You won't return over and over again unless I turn it up a notch and dig a little deeper. Even if the dress really IS gorgeous and the shoes are to die for!

I'll still post my work, tell the stories of the photoshoots and share the news of my business but I feel the need to spice things up a bit. So my plan is to open up, put myself out there, talk about non photo related stuff and try to be interesting. I guess maybe it will tell a bit about what makes me tick, where I gather inspiration and why I do the things the way I do them.

Will it work? Who knows! You'll know in a few months if I stop blogging about non photo related things, if I only post summaries of my shoots and I become less outrageous.

So tomorrow I'll be introducing "Who Gives a TOOT Tuesdays"! If you like what you're reading sign up for my blog, follow it, leave comments, email me questions, topics, discussion points...ANYTHING you want to hear about, give me challenges, make me REACH!

If I get no response then no harm done...I'll go back to the basics. But I hope to never be basic and NEVER LOOK BACK!!!    :)

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kodi joelle said...

i think its a great idea amy!! (i'd read anyway since you are on my google reader...and i love your pictures!!) i started 2010 with the goal to blog more often and (not that i have a ton of readers) but if i don't post for a few days, i start to get emails & texts asking when a new one will be published! my works!!

p.s. from following your facebook posts, i am always amazed at your endless energy!!! i can barely handle one little do you do it?!