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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2011, so long 2010

This has been an Ah-mazing year :)!! My business grew almost faster than I could keep up. I was able to meet and photograph some very interesting people. And I enjoyed every second of it!!! I very often revisit the photos I take in order to learn and grow from my past work. I decided it would be fun to try to chose my "favorite" photos for the own version of a top 10 list if you will. Though I quickly realized that narrowing my list down to only 10 would be difficult- if not impossible. So rather than giving myself a limit I just went through and picked, and picked and picked photos that I liked.

OH DEAR- I ended up with SIXTY! I knew I couldn't possibly have a top 60 list so I started chipping away at the selection. I took out all photos that were of "non-humans". Animals, rings, shoes, nature etc. While I love those photos too, I decided I had to create some sort of criteria to make this easier. So humans it was...

I STILL had too many. So next step...I asked myself, "why did you chose the photos you did? Was it composition, lighting, location?" NOPE! It was the FEELING the photo gave me. It either showed obvious emotion in the photo or it sparked some sort of emotion for me....they are MY favorites right!!??

So, the last step- to chose the photos that were the most beautifully emotional. It's the goal I set out with at every photo shoot and I feel like these photos are examples of times I succeeded and reached that goal! Whether it was a bride waiting to walk down the aisle, a couple in love, children laughing or just a certain look on someone's face- there's a story there and that's what I look for.

So take a look at my choices, in no particular order, my favorites, my TOP photos from 2010. Take them in, slowly and feel the photos. I hope you enjoy!! Thank you all for helping to make my 2010 Ah-mazing!!! I am so excited to see what 2011 brings! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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Claudine said...

Amy, They are all beautiful photos! Thank you for all the amazing photos you have taken of our family over the past couple years! You have done amazing work and looking forward to seeing more in 2011!