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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Just for fun I really should count up the number of BCHS grads I've photographed over the past year- 1996 graduates alone even...or just labby' any event there are a BUNCH and that makes me smile! I love reconnecting with people and meeting their new and growing families. Liz is one of those people! She contacted me a few months ago and said she was going to be in town for the holidays. See, the nice thing about me is I still live in our home town so when people come "home" I'm right here waiting! :)

Well, Liz told me she loved what she has seen of my work and was really looking forward to having a winter photoshoot. She said something about stark, bear trees and winter white landscapes really spoke to her. LUCKY LIZ!! Just a two days before her shoot we had a whopper of a storm and the snow blanketed the location we had picked for her family's photoshoot.

So we met at Five Rivers, a favorite place for me to photograph families, and ironically a very popular "field trip" venue from way back in our elementary school days. As we were walking onto the Beaver Dam Trail (which by the way is actually called the Beaver Tree Trail, though no one I talk to ever calls it that- we always knew it as the Beaver Dam Trail) Anyway, as we were walking along the trail, Liz said, "this is so soothing"...I think it was a combination of the beautiful snow, the calmness of the woods and the completion on the holidays....that's what it was for me anyway!

So take a gander at the wintery photos we caught this beautiful December morning. My last photoshoot of 2010- and it was a great one!!

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