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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Albany New York Family Photography, The Biehler Family at Best Berry Farm, North Greenbush New York

So funny story, before we get to the important stuff...ya know, like the photos...

My memory is NOT good- that's my disclaimer here, so if NONE of these details are accurate that would just be typical :-)

But in any event...this is how I remember meeting Karen when she moved to our area. I don't recall the exact age but I'm thinking 9th grade. She was excited for an impending snow storm because she had never seen snow in person, or I should say, where she was from it wasn't common at all. The thing that struck me most was that she had never had a "snow day", when the schools would close because of a storm. She did say, however that they did have "hot days" when it was just too hot and the schools would close. Baffling, right? Not really the story, or the "Facts", but what my brain holds on to after all these years :-)

So moving on.....

Karen just contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted to set up a family photo session. She just had a baby and now that the weather was turning for the better it was the perfect time! Her husband grew up on a farm, Best Berry Farm, in North Greenbush and we decided that it would be the perfect setting for their session. I must say, now that I know about this farm I will be a frequent flier there- I can't wait to bring my girls there this summer to get berries!!!

So we used the farm, the land, the buildings, the equipment and came up with a great selection of family photos! Enjoy!

Thank you Karen and Eric for inviting me to and introducing me to the farm!! I enjoyed spending time with your family and I will be visiting again soon!

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