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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mad Men inspired Editorial photosession- After Dark Education- St Louis/ Albany New York Photographer

It's midnight of Day 2 at After Dark (actually it's night #4 for me since I came in 2 nights early)--session # FIVE of the day is just wrapping up. I'm aching and tired and longing for my bed. My brain can't seriously handle another 
creative session could it???

"Hey there's a Mad Men shoot at 1am....who's in??!?" 
ummmmm.....yea, there's my second wind!!! 
Mad Men!??!! 
I can't pass this up. 

So 1am we begin, 330am we finish. It was so totally worth it...the whole week was like this. I pushed myself physically, mentally, creatively and the results were nothing like I had expected. 

This editorial shoot is sexy, scandalous and unexpected! I learned how to pose models to tell a story, how to use a different type of lighting I never considered before and I challenged myself to keep things consistent and clean. I'm in love with the final result! I'd love to hear what you think :-)

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