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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Albany New York Birth Photography, Valerie and Rick's birth story; Welcome to the world Baby Caleb!

When Rick mentioned this idea to me a few weeks ago I did my best to control my excitement. I didn't know if he had even discussed the idea yet with Valerie, and I didn't want to get my hopes up. This is a DREAM come true for a photographer and not something that happens very often. 
We had already talked about me photographing the newborn when he came home from the hospital, but this was a whole different ball game. 
As the last few weeks of her pregnancy progressed it seemed like this was going to be a real possibility!! She was on board, my schedule was open and we were all excited!

My one and only job leading up to the due date, was to be ready for "the call".

I wasn't.

You'd think that if I was "on-call" and waiting for such an unpredictable event, I'd be ready well in advance. It was simple...I supposed to have my phone on at all times and next to me at night while I slept.

I didn't. :-)

That is until one night- 4 days before the actual due date. I grabbed my phone and thought "I better get in the habit of keeping it close so I wouldn't forget in a few days, you know, when it REALLY could happen."

And that was the night. I got the text!! 

This was all coming together and obviously meant to be.

There is no commentary needed for what occurred over the next 12 hours. All I can say is that the interactions between Rick and Val were loving, respectful, encouraging and supportive. They were truly in this together and they worked as a team. I sat, a fly on the wall, and witnessed the most pure and soulful experience. 

I have photographed everything from weddings to funerals and I've never felt such emotion- from them and within me. I have birthed two of my own babies and even I had no idea how lovely images from those powerful moments could actually be!

Rick was Valerie's rock- he was strong enough for both of them when she didn't know if she could be, and he lifted her up time and time again. Valerie was a goddess. She found power within herself that I'm not sure she knew she had. This little, perfect baby Caleb is so very lucky to have these two for parents. This family is just beginning their wonderful wonderful ride!!

I am moved beyond words that you both trusted me to be a part of this day. I have photographed you two time and time again and this was an experience that brought meaning back into my photography. You are such wonderful friends to me. All of that makes me so grateful. 

Congratulations and I'm so excited to watch Caleb grow and to watch you both become the amazing parents that I know you will be.

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Aunt Barb & Uncle Freddie said...

Your words touch my heart to tears Amy ~ my nephew and niece are extraordinary people and once again, you caught true love and emotion through your "shutter"! The love in Richard's eyes and Val's trust of his touch and words is clear in every photo and I am moved beyond words. My great nephew will have a wonderful life with the love of Richard and Val ~ you can trust in that in what I know will be a everlasting unconditional love. You are going to be an amazing Dad, Richard and you will be an amazing Mom, Val. I love you all ~ God Bless Caleb and his birth to you both