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Monday, February 4, 2013

Newborn Photography, Albany New York, Trujillo Family

I love living through life changing milestones with my clients. I cry at their weddings, I squeal with excitement at pregnancy announcements and I beam with pride at those first "baby and mommy are doing fine" photo texts I get from Dad when the baby arrives. But when I can experience all of those with one couple, that's just special! Take a trip down memory lane with me....Allison and Guillermo was one of my very first weddings almost 2 years ago (revisit their wedding blog post HERE). They came by on Christmas Eve-Eve a couple months ago for the maternity session where we took this shot (that I just LOVE)!

See the rest of that session HERE 

A few short weeks later I got the word, baby Tyler made his grand appearance. He was as perfect as could be and I couldn't wait to meet him! 

I drove out to Allison and Guillermo's and spent the afternoon with them and their new arrival, who by the way, slept for the entire 2 hours I was there, never made a peep and is such an easy baby!! 

Let's meet baby Tyler- swaddled in some of Allison's handy- work...I totally love the cocoons she made for the session!!

I think this first shot was my favorite of the entire session, but that's a tough call because we had a stellar afternoon and got so many amazing shots!

Ooooooh my back rolls :-)

Perfect baby parts!! Look at those lips- I can't even take it!! 

And the icing on the cake...smiles! And I'm not talking about baby with gas "smiles"...I'm talking I heard daddy's voice and I'm smiling...and smiling and smiling!! I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself!

Baby Tyler definitely possesses the calm, easy-going nature of his patient parents, the bravery and strength of his namesake, and the huge love of a large, wonderful family!
A truly wonderful experience for me as a photographer- thank you Allison and Guillermo for including me. I wish you nothing but the best while you watch this baby grow, all too fast.

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