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Thursday, February 14, 2013

In My Own Words - The "V" word and dreadful High School memories- Albany New York Love Photographer

On days like this I can't help but think back to homeroom. One by one those hideous carnations would be handed out - the ultimate symbol of popularity. I knew I wasn't getting one from anyone special but I always danced between the fine line of REALLY hopping I'd get one and being just WAY too cool to care. 

I think once someone dropped a white carnation with pink edges on my desk. No love note, no "From so-and-so". A secret admirer? No, just a cruel joke. 

That flower wasn't hung upside down in my locker to show off my status. It was promptly tossed in the girls bathroom garbage before 1st period Earth Science class. I ran an extra line of black pencil around my eyelids, scrunched my overly gelled curls and off I went. 

Over it- I'm too cool for this.

Arlie buys me flowers now. I've never mentioned this awful high school memory to him- he just does it. For our first anniversary he delivered 76 white calla lilies to our house. Usually lilies, sometimes orchids or sunflowers. But always- every birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentines Day even Thanksgiving. 

I'm a lucky girl.


Jen said...

Even Thanksgiving?? That is too sweet!

Carly said...

Did you go to AHS? I remember those ridiculous carnations well!