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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Albany New York Boudoir Photography

Eileen and I had been discussing her photo session for months before it happened!! These sessions can sometimes take time but this was definitely worth the wait!

I had Brittany back in my studio flexing her hair and makeup muscles and the result was fantastic! These sessions are so much fun!! A couple hours of Beauty By Brittany, some music, some wine, snacks and conversation-it's like a girls day with friends!

Let's start out with a quick before and after shot. The before shot was sent to me by Eileen the day after her session because I forgot to get one myself. She's gorgeous to begin with, but I always love to see the transformation so here's a look:

And from there we had a simply amazing session!! 

Thanks Eileen for spending the day with Britt and me- we had a blast! 

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Anonymous said...

Amazing pics of a beautiful!