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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kristine and Joel's Appel Inn Wedding - Altamont, New York

Elegantly rustic, stunningly detailed, perfectly orchestrated are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think back to Kristine and Joel's wedding at the Appel Inn in Altamont.  The day couldn't have run more smoothly and everyone involved was so happy and excited for this day. 

I met up with Kristine the morning of the wedding at her parents house, which is set on a sprawling country field. The weather was perfect, the setting was serine and calm- even with the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations going on. It was probably Kristine that set the vibe, she was so laid back and confident about her wedding day- it spread to everyone involved! 

I was so excited to get to work with my main gals, Brittany doing makeup for the bride and the bridesmaids as well as my right hand chick, Heather of Heather Eddings Photography, second shooting for me that day. I also met Tom Sliva (All Around Sound), a DJ who I had never worked with before but was such an amazing, great, nice guy- not to mention an incredible DJ and kept the party hopping all night!

So let's  begin at the beginning shall we?? MY favorite part of the wedding day--the details!!

I loved all of her details, but their invitations were so cute!!! Their names "carved" into a tree was perfect for this nature loving, oh-so in love couple! And her jewelry was SO amazing!!

Kristine's dress from Angela's Bridal was so gorgeous! A wonderful fitted, strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline is so classic and beautiful and the detail at the waist line was the perfect amount of WOW!

 Kristine kept the purple running right through all of her details of the day, including this amazing 
bouquet from Bella Fleur .

You'll see more of those amazing flowers later on!!

I asked if there was anything special from the house to incorporate into the detail photographs. The only request was to include a porcelain vanity set that was given to Kristine's mother by her Grandmother. Kristine was the only one of her siblings who didn't get the chance to meeting their Great-Grandmother and I thought it was the perfect gesture to do in her honor.  To make it even more special I asked Kristine's mom for her own wedding ring set to use as well. 

I love this next image- including something old and so special as well as the reflection of Kristine's gorgeous new wedding gown. 

Meanwhile, downstairs, the laides were in hair and makeup ! First the little girls!!

And then it was Kristine's turn...

Time to get dressed!! Kristine's Mom and sister assisted her with her dress and jewelry and the bridesmaids waited patiently downstairs until she made her grand entrance!

These next few shots of Mom watching her daughters gets me EVERY TIME!!

 So beautiful and ready to go!!! 

We didn't have much time before we had to head off to the Appel Inn, but Kristine and I were able to get some bridal shots in before she hopped in her get-away car!

 Kristine really worked it for my camera. Brides seem to come alive when they're finally in their dresses and she was no exception! 

 We couldn't leave out the dog!!!

And when I said "get-away car" I wasn't kidding- check this baby out!!

Kristine and Joel decided on a first look which I LOVE! They were able to see each other for the first time privately, have some time together and get some photos done before the ceremony. This first look was great- I love the anticipation and emotions that I get to capture!

oh yea....and meet Joel!!


Can you just sense the anticipation--swaying back and forth-- Love it!!

My quick, "Hey dude, here she comes...WOW" always gets a grin!!

The big reveal! 

Time for some formals before the ceremony!

And then it's time to walk down the aisle-- the moment we've all been waiting for :)

Rev. Robyn Posson officiated and they included a tree planting ceremony which I thought was so wonderful! 

How cute is this little flower girl...picking up the petals she scattered in the aisle!!

 After the ceremony is time to spend alone with the newly weds. More informal shots of the two of them together, in love, happy and relaxed. This is where I usually grab my favorite shots of the entire wedding day! And these guys are one good looking couple- makes my job easy!

How cute is Kristine's expression in the next shot!?!

Some more of that beautiful bouquet outside and great reception details including a candy bar, a cake topper by Coccadotts, and cupcakes made by Kristine's own mother!!
I love the Appel Inn's Gathering Space- while I'd still call it rustic in feel, there's no arguing it's elegant and beautiful inside and out!

YAY for cake AND a Candy Bar!!!

The bride and groom danced to Lost in This Moment by Big and Rich--one of my favorite first dance songs!

Some GREAT toasts...

 And then it was time to dance- and dance they did- 
all night long!!

Some very emotional parent dances...

and party party party!!

  It was smiles and hugs all around the entire night. Leaving that wedding I felt like I had just watched friends tie the knot. Congratulations to Kristine and Joel and I wish you nothing but the best!!!

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the cry. Great shots, exceptional emotion. Looks like a very fun wedding.