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Thursday, August 30, 2012

AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge ~ Week 36

I  have to be honest, when I picked the "UNDERNEATH" theme for this past week I reallllly wanted to crawl under my truck and take photos, but it struck me as I was approaching the twin bridges on the Northway that they would make a pretty kick butt image- so I went with that. It didn't turn out as great as I wanted, but live and learn, right? 

I did take a second shot that I posted to Instagram and I actually liked that one better...

Speaking of Instagram- I'm completely obsessed!!! I got to thinking that next year, instead of doing a 52 week photo challenge on Facebook I would host a daily or weekly Instagram photo challenge instead. I think it would be easier for many of you since you won't have to upload your images from your cameras to the computer and then post them on facebook. It's just a quick SNAP on the phone directly to Instagram....what do you think????

And getting back to business...

The AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge theme for week 36 is:


1 comment:

Rachel said...

You know I would do an Instagram challenge but I actually do love a reason to pull out my big camera as well. :-)