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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Born Photography Workshop- Albany New York Newborn Photography

I don't pretend to be an expert, in fact I know I'm not. However, when asked, I'm always happy to help out whether its simply a mom who wants to take better shots of her kids, or a budding photographer interested in improving her skills. At best I can share my knowledge and give support like I got from my mentors when I began with photography. Kate approached me wanting to learn more about newborn photography and how to use light and posing to create beautiful, timeless shots. Neither of us are particularly enamored by the over-styled newborn photos (think baby in a watering can with a flower on her head...yea not my style). 

Now this baby was NOT having it when we were trying to get her to sleep for her session. Feedings, diaper changes, pacifiers, a warm room, quiet, shushing, rocking, we tried everything!! If I could get a newborn baby to sleep on command, believe me, I probably wouldn't be a photographer but rather some sort of gagillionaire baby whisperer....right? So Moms, if you want sleeping baby shots, baby needs to sleep. 
Period. I don't work magic. 
But if baby doesn't sleep, is the session a failure? No. Absolutely not! 

I'm a details gal. It doesn't matter if I'm shooting a wedding or a newborn, I love to catch the details. So, while mom is calming a fussy baby, I take that time to grab those adorable detail shots. The details that you love about newborns, that are gone all too fast as they grow.

I like to keep the photos simple- like I said- I'm not into props that take away from the image rather than add to it. The focus is on the baby. And even though she was WIDE awake, these images are still super cute, simple and beautiful.

And when all else fails and all the baby wants is mommy, let her have her mommy. 

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Diana Tucker said...

Awwww. I love them all! Thanks so much Amy!