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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A. Hedges Photography {Albany Wedding Photographer} In My Own Words

Lately, the blog posts I write are either the next week's photo challenge theme or a recap of a recent photo session that I wanted to share. But I am going to veer away from the normally scheduled program and make a few simple statements. If you're not interested in listening, that's fine, just wait until Thursday and you'll find next weeks theme. But if you're interested in hearing what my soul is saying this week, stay tuned....

 I consider myself a new photographer. This is my 3rd year in business, my 2nd full wedding season is about to begin. I'm not an expert in anything and I don't feel like I have anything to teach anyone. But I do know that some photographers follow me, both experienced professionals and amateur hobbyists so you may be interested in what I have to say... this is a look into my mind right now. I do have a few ideas I live by, I follow these ideas to better my business and my craft. None of this may be relevant to you, but it's my blog, in my own words, pertaining to me. Take it or leave it.

1) First and foremost, know your tools. period. end of story. no questions asked. no ifs ands or butts. Practice all the time. Do not charge someone until you are confident with your tools and your skill. 

2) If a new photographer comes on to the scene I don't get grumpy, I don't poke fun, I don't complain, I don't get afraid. If they're good enough to compete with me then they deserve to be here. If they're good enough to compete with me than I need to get better (and I will). If they're not good enough and don't put the effort in to be so, they won't be around for too long anyway so no need to worry. 

3) If a photographer approaches me with a question, asking for advice, or wanting feedback- I help. Like I said, I'm not an expert- don't take my advice as such. But I do know what has worked for me and what hasn't, I do know a thing or two about photography (sarcasm, incase anyone was confused) and I don't have anything to hide. Technical skill is not magic, technical knowledge is not by chance. It's not mine to keep. My words to your ears will not hurt my business- even if it betters yours. I'm happy to help.

4) Photography is an art form. But photography is also technical. An amazing, emotion-filled photo isn't as powerful as an amazing, emotion-filled, properly executed photo. 
(Refer back to #1, twice.) 

5) With DSLR's around ever person's neck, with free online photo editing software, with a blog and a cute logo with a curly font, everyone is a photographer these days. How will you get clients to book you and not one of the 100 others in your area? Be different, be "more-better-good".

6) Just because you have a lot of "facebook fans" "twitter followers" "re-pinners" or "blog stalkers" that doesn't mean you're a good photographer. You're also not famous.

7) Most people can't tell the difference between a good photograph and a great one. But it's obvious when you suck.

8) Don't judge a book or a photograph, a person or a photographer by it's cover. How many people feel misunderstood on a regular you honestly think you're the only one?

9) The only people who's opinions about your work count are those who you've personally asked for feedback, those who give constructive criticism, your clients and you. 

10) Finally let me pose this question: Think of Sarah McLachlan, Brittany Spears, The Grateful Dead and Barry Manilow for example. If Brittany has ten-million fans and Sarah has 10,000, is Sarah going to be jealous and try to win those fans over by singing hip-hop and shaving her head? Doubt it...and would she even care!!??
Do you think Jerry Garcia would ever have sang Copacabana live in concert?? They are all amazing at what they do and I love them for that. Rock ON with your badass selves and stop comparing your work to everyone else's. If you are happy with your work, who cares what anyone else is doing or thinking?!

Moving upward and onward...and never backwards.


Julia Z said...

<3 it. Not just like it - love it!

Anonymous said...

Well said Amy! It's exciting to watch you evolve in your work. Your words are words to live by. Thanks for the reminders! Kristin Parker