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Thursday, March 29, 2012

AHP 52 Week Challenge ~ Week 14

So last week's "Upside-down" theme proved to be one of the more fun themes so far! I apologize it took me a couple extra days to get my image loaded. Life happens!

This week the hardwood floors in my house are being refinished so we were forced out of our home for a few days. We made a mini vacation up to the Adirondacks for some family quiet time. We've spent the week baking, doing "Arts and Craps" (as Sydney says), getting some good workouts in, a bit of shopping, taking some long overdue photos of the kiddos and a whole lot of just sitting around relaxing. 

I did get an email this morning though that they were finished!!! It will be a few more days before the odor subsides and we can put furniture on the floor, so a few more days up here for us!!

aren't they purrrdy!!??

Back to the photo theme...
I've really tried to limit both my internet time as well as the girls TV time. It's a bit cooler than I had hoped so we weren't able to spend as much time outdoors, but we're still having a great time simply enjoying each other's company.

In effort to keep this great family "mojo" flowing I'm going to make this week's AHP photo challenge theme: FAMILY

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