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Monday, January 23, 2012

+Sites ~ A New Offering ~ Albany New York Wedding Photographer

If you haven't checked out my main website in a while DO IT--it's totally new, fresh...amazing if I do say so myself. It's RIGHT HERE!!!
Along with the new site came a few awesome new features that I'm so psyched about including a new way to share digital images with my clients, a more effective way to share my photo session images on Facebook (and you ALL know how much I <3 Facebook) and something called +sites.

As time goes on you'll be able to see these amazing features as I use and share them with my clients. But I thought I'd explain one feature since it's particularly amazing!! 

Introducing "+Sites", nice to meet you!

+Sites will be used in a variety of different ways but what I'm most excited about is how I will use them with my wedding couples. I'm sure most people are familiar with the "custom wedding website" that people can create for themselves showcasing their photos, stories about how they met or got engaged, details about their wedding, directions to the venues, local lodging etc.
Well, how about I just take care of that for you! Yep- I'll use your engagement photos and create a slideshow, I'll add your stories, your details, links...anything you'd like!! 
You'll have your own personal website address that you can share with your friends, family and guests so they can keep up-to-date with your plans. 
After the wedding this custom website will also be where you can first view your wedding highlights...the infamous sneak peek :)

It's amazing, it's easy, it's included in ALL of my wedding packages. 

Check out a few examples of some very simple +sites HERE and HERE I just added recently...keep in's as simple or complex as you like, you're in control! 

Next installment "PASS"!!! Let's just say- all digital ALL the time. Easy to preview, download and share your digital files...yes folks...contrary to popular belief I DO offer digital images--JUST ASK! :-)

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