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Thursday, January 26, 2012

AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge - Week 5

If you're still around here on week 5- Congratulations!! We've gone a month...give or take. BUT when I used to counsel people in diet, fitness and behavior I would always say after 30 days things will get's now a habit, you're now invested. Those of you who made it this far are knee deep in this project so to give up now would be a terrible disservice to your creative mojo...ok ok yes I'm probably just making this up but it sounds inspring right??! :-)

So this past week, "Where I'm from" proved to be a bit more challenging than I had intended. I was even stumped a bit! I realize that many people don't physically live "where they're from" so taking a straight forward photo like that would be impossible. I love how creative people got in order to fulfill the theme...if you'd like to see what people came up with check out the photos HERE

This week, I'll scale back a bit- if you skipped last week for whatever reason, feel free to jump back in this week...come back to week 4 later if you need to. No rules- just fun!!

So the AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge- Week 5 is....


Something I don't get enough of and actually hate doing but obsess over...crazy right???

 Good luck this week :-)

Oh...and PS: If you haven't seen the new website yet, CLICK here- I <3 it more than chocolate!! Or if you'd like to learn about the new +sites that I mentioned earlier in the week ON THE BLOG...check the newest one out HERE!

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Kayla Rochelle said...

I'm really enjoying these challenges! Last week seemed scary at first, but only because there was so much I would have liked to have done! Thanks for taking the time to put these together each week!