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Friday, June 17, 2011

Nicole and Eric ~ Wedding Photos

So I'll be completely honest right from the get-go. I didn't think I would actually make it to this wedding!!! GASP!  Not for any of the typical reasons you would think of, but because I seriously thought these people would leave me in the dust and find someone else because of the insane things that I did along the way from our first contact to our final.

The day I was to meet Nicole, her fiance, Eric, her mother and her friend for the first time, I was at my home. We had planned to meet there at a certain time but it was getting a bit late and I was getting concerned. I get a phone call-- it's my father, "Ummmm your clients are HERE to meet with you." WHAAAAATTTT?? "What do you mean, they're THERE?" Yup- I had given my new clients MY PARENTS address, the address I  haven't used as my own for at least 10 years! I was mortified to say the least. But they were great sports about it and decided to go with me as their wedding photographer despite my bone head mistake.

A few weeks prior to the wedding, Ida, Nicole's mom, was kind enough to drive to my house and drop off a check for the remaining balance due. I went to put that check in my purse for safe keeping and found it in two the garbage. My 2 year old daughter had ripped the check in half. UUGH!! Another awkward conversation!! But again, Nicole and Ida were nothing but understanding and extremely nice.

Needless to say, I made it to the wedding and busted my butt for Eric and Nicole to make up for my two mishaps. I have to say, this wedding was one of the sweetest, most loving and welcoming weddings I've ever been to, as a photographer or a guest. Friends and family helped coordinate this event, worked hard to make it perfect and the personal touches made it simply beautiful. I was touched by the amount of care and consideration that was put into this day.

Ok so I don't typically ramble on that much at the beginning of a blog, but those points were essential! So let's get on with the photos-- right!!????

I met up with the girls at the Joli Salon in Colonie bright and early. Nicole had already had her makeup done and she was GLOWING when she arrived!!

Not as beautiful as her wedding dress shoes, but check out these boots- RAWR!!

And her bridesmaids all looked amazing with their hair completed. I had to take advantage of this beautiful floral wall in the salon so I grabbed a few shots "pre-dress"!

Veil-time!! She's ready to go....

This next shot is cute- simply cute!

Back to Nicole's mothers house to finish up getting ready. In her veil, Nicole helped her friend, Amy, with her makeup.

And now take a look at these beautiful details.

Nicole's all dressed and ready to go- she was a stunning bride!

I left the girls to relax for a bit and I met the guys at the venue for their photo session prior to the ceremony. These guys were great- fun, relaxed and willing to have a good time. 

Oh and by the way--let me officially introduce you to Eric! and pssst.... I think it's safe to say that he loves Nicole!! :-)

Before we get to the ceremony let's visit some of the special touches- the details of the day

I don't usually get to eat cake. Not because it's not offered to me, but because there's simply not enough time. When this cake was offered to me I didn't skip a beat! And yes, I hid it at the DJ table until I had a chance to eat you  blame me--it was more delicious than it looked!!

Ceremony time!!!

Nicole and the girls were met by her father. They pulled up in a silver Mercedes...sweet!!

I may have already said it, but I'll say it again. This was one of the simply sweet, true emotion-filled wedding ceremony and couple I've ever seen!! And yes, the ceremony was held, "up there" in a balcony!! Just enough room for the bride, groom, ring bearer and officiant. But I squeezed myself stealth like and got up there too!!

Are those tears? Yup- I told ya this was sweet! 

Relief? Happiness? I think she's thinking "It's time to party!!!" 

Since they didn't opt to do a "first look" prior to the ceremony we headed outside after the ceremony to get some amazing shots!! This is my favorite part :-)

Back inside for the party!! Love this Father-Daughter dance shot...

Bird's eye view :-) And pretty much my favorite shot of the day.

So here's the deal-io. I feel like I'm very far behind on my work lately. I don't want to keep Eric and Nicole waiting any longer. I'm going to post this blog ...*GASP*... "as is" (unfinished)!!! I want them to see their photos so far and I promise to add more to their preview gallery throughout the upcoming week. I get so excited to share my work that even if they aren't chomping at the bit I am!!! Check back here or on facebook for more photos from Eric and Nicole's wedding! 

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Anonymous said...

The photos of the wedding are gorgeous. Nicole and Eric are lucky to have chosen you as their photographer, they have a set of beautiful pictures!!! Congratulations to Nicole and Eric!!!