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Monday, June 20, 2011

Aveline in the Park

I will be seeing quite a bit of this little girl this summer as I'm photographing a few events for her family but this was a special session. She's turning TWO so we were able to focus just on Aveline. Celia and I went to high school together, I've photographed her family once before and she has always been a fan of my facebook page so I have a bit of an understanding of the types of photos she likes. Many times she's said that her favorite images are people just being themselves- whether it's a crazy silly guy dancing at a wedding, a sweet moment between a newborn baby and it's mother or just "kids being kids". 
So that's what I did- I wanted to capture Aveline and her parents in the most casual way- them just being them. 

I really think Aveline loved everything about walking in the park!

We made sure to take a few family portraits. This one in particular I like because it's where her mom and dad met just after high school graduation...we thought back to how long ago that was....uuugh I felt old for a minute there!

I also love a great parent-child moment photo

I also LOVE the way these family shots came out. Very relaxed and beautiful. I'm so glad we decided to go to the park later in the day to catch this light!!

How cute is this next shot- she is such a doll!

We had a quick outfit change and then we were able to grab a few more shots before the birthday girl called it quits. She did a great job walking all over Washington Park!

See you again soon, Aveline!!

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alerion said...

We love all of these pictures Amy. Thanks again. You really captured us as a family and Aveline's personality shines through.