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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I heart NY

I'm sitting at my dining room table, staring out into my back yard. There is 2.5 feet of snow covering the yard. One of my lawn chairs is almost completely buried under a blanket of pristine white. Poor Gracie needs a "potty path" dug for her otherwise she totally disappears once she jumps off the back steps.

I am 100% a summer girl. But here, in Upstate New York, summer lasts about 5.7 seconds. As soon as it arrives it begins to fade, it seems. So on days like this, when we just received a fresh coating of 6 inches of snow and are expected to get another foot tomorrow, I have to remember why it is I live in NY....and wouldn't have it any other way.

What do I love about it?

FOUR distinct seasons- I do love summer, but I also love the fall (once I get over the sting of seeing summer fade). I love love love Spring and even the winter has some good things to offer.

Like....I love white Christmases. There's no where else in the country like NY at Christmas time. The same goes for Thanksgiving- the smell of wood burning stoves, the color of the leaves, crisp, cool air outside and cozy warmth inside- all of those things help make Thanksgiving my favorite holiday.

I have a strange loyalty to being a "New Yorker" I feel some sort of strange pride about it all- makes me feel cool....and it fits me-I wear a lot of black :)

The Yankees.

The extreme difference between downstate (The City) and upstate (The Adirondacks) can't be beat- we've got it all.

So while I sit here, stuck inside, longing for fairer weather, I will simply make dinner in the crock pot, light a few candles, don a warm sweater and cozy sweats and just suck it up- cuz I'm a NY-er!!


Anonymous said...

It is a nice place to live - I love the different seasons - spring and fall are my favorites!

kodi joelle said...

love the pictures. makes me want fall to be back :)