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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Business Buzz

Today's "toot" is a mixed bag of things- all related in some way however to this gal

Erin McKinney!

Now, she'll probably be blushing about now, a bit embarrassed that I'm dedicating an entire blog post to her, but she'll get over it, and be happy I did...I hope :)

So, why Erin? Well, this morning my littlest and I spent some time with her so I figured, why not? There's so many things to talk about related to Erin, so why not do kind of a business spotlight?!

This morning was quite special because I got to spend some one on one time with my 8 month old. Any mother of more than one child can appreciated the rarity of this occasion! Bumps (aka Grandpa) came over to watch Sydney while Ryley and I went to a Baby Massage Class hosted and instructed by, none other than, Erin!
This is Erin today, teaching the class;

Since I was participating in the class, I handed my camera over to Erin so she could snap a few photos of us in action. Ryley was the "big kid" in the class so she was a bit more active and uncooperative, but we had fun just the same! Look at this next picture- how cute are those chubby babies all lined up. They're just soaking it all in- getting a mommy massage- I'm jealous!!

The class was held at the Family Life Center where Erin teams up with this fine lady, Betsy Mercogliano.

Together they make up a Doula Team Extraordinaire!! They were both present for the pregnancy and birth of both of my babies and were of amazing help and support to my husband and me. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in search of a positive and satisfying birth experience!

Not only is Erin an amazing doula, she is also a licensed massage therapist, and quite honestly the best masseuse I've ever been to! She works out of the Holistic Network on Western Ave in Albany and again, I can't recommend her more! GO SEE HER! :)

Here are just a few more photos from todays massage class. I just can resist these chubby bundles of love!!

So if you're interested in a baby massage class or anything else the Family Life Center, Erin or Betsy have to offer check them out here on face book or here on their website!!


John de Rosier said...

Hooray for this great post. Erin is amazing and this post is a terrific tribute. Thank you for making the effort to spotlight her!

Andy said...

you couldn't recommend two women more deserving of the social network love! :D