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Monday, July 1, 2013

Alison and Mike's White Rocks Inn Wedding, Vermont Wedding Photography

Venue:  White Rocks Inn Wallingford, VT  
Florist:  Three Crows    
Dress:  Vera Wang
Suit:  Tommy Hilfiger
Caterer:  Hub’s Catering Company, Inc.  
Hair & Makeup:   American Hairlines  

As I was compiling photos for this blog post I was remembering back to the very first time I met Mike and Alison. I was actually at a lake house in the Adirondacks and they were at their home in Rhode Island. Because of that we decided to FaceTime and discuss their wedding plans, rather than try to coordinate a face to face meeting.  I love that as I'm about to "complete" their entire wedding photography process, almost exactly one year later, I'm in the same exact spot. Up at the lake, having just stepped off a boat and excited to "work".

I was actually excited about every aspect of this wedding. I had heard amazing things about Mike and Alison- they have great friends who gush over them- so knew they were going to be wonderful people. They described their wedding venue and honestly I got a little weak in the knees- you'll see why in a moment. The White Rocks Inn in Wallingford, Vermont, is a rustic, country setting exploding with charming details! They told me about their ideas for wild flower centerpieces, apple pie desserts and a live can see why I'd be excited, right!?!?

So, this is going to be a big one- I tried and tried to cut back on this post. But again, I just couldn't leave a thing out. Everything was perfect and well, I'm not going to apologize for swooning over this wedding, because I am so swooning!

Welcome to the White Rocks Inn....

Alison's Vera Wang dress was gorgeous. Such delicate, beautiful lace detail! It was a wonderful compliment to the rustic, yet elegant day! And look at this bridal suite-- I could have cozied up in this country cottage for a nap, but it was time to work, and happy to do so :-)

Heather, of Heather Eddings Photography, was with me for this adventure. She grabbed this next ring shot which I adore! Nice work, as always Heather!

Time to start getting ready! Another part of this wedding that I loved was it's intimacy. Alison's only bridal attendant was her sister, and Mike's was his brother. Family is a huge part of their lives and they knew having their siblings by their side would be a great way to honor that.

I love this stunning bouquet by Three Crows Florist, but honestly I was truly blown away when I saw the centerpieces, just you wait!!

Before we head off to the "first look", let's meet Mike. I loved his suit and check out the boutonniere - I've never seen anything like it! He was ready to see his bride, so I never keep a groom-to-be waiting....too long....  ;-)

It was really like a double first look. Alison and Mike's family stood by to watch and I LOVE Mike's mom's reaction when she first saw Ali come out of the cottage. She's right, the bride to be was breathtaking! 

Get ready for one of my favorite first look reactions....ever.

The ceremony- up on top of a hill, surrounded by picaresque Vermont mountains. The scene was unreal--so beautiful and really very peaceful!

Now before the reception I took some time photographing the details in the wedding barn. Check out the floral decor. So much love and effort went into planning, designing and executing these tablescapes!

The newlyweds' first dance, the parent dances, they were all full of emotion yet light hearted and fun! Very much like their families, the guests and the whole day!

The Wyld Nightz Band was awesome! They really kept the dance floor full all night long. And they are a great group of wicked nice guys, if I do say so myself! It was great meeting and working with them!

Every once in a while I would step outside and just breathe in the scenery. As the night progressed the sky changed so much and each time it was more and more beautiful than the time before!
I love that fog peeking through the vallies of the mountains and trees.

And....then there was the party...Everyone was on the dance floor!! The band, the guests, the dancing- it was just awesome energy!

Good night to White Rocks, good night to Vermont, best wishes to Mike and Alison. Your wedding day was truly magical and I am honored to have been chosen to capture these memories for you. I was touched by the love between the two of you and your families. I wish you both the best!

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