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Friday, May 10, 2013

Altamont Orchard Engagement Photography; Willie and Rachael's Engagement Session

This session was perfection! The perfect locations, the perfect weather and light, the perfect theme and the perfect couple. Willie and Rachael are adorable, fun and so meant to be! 

Willie is my youngest cousin on my mother's side of the family. I could bore you for hours with embarrassing and hysterical stories from our childhood but I suppose it's time to grow up--he's getting married!! And Rachael, has carved out her space in our family as if she's always been there!

It was so lovely to see the two of them interact together when no one else was around...well, except me and my camera :-) They were playful and kind, sweet and very much in love. It was refreshing and I had so much fun with them. We have a VERY large family so spending alone time with just them was something that I haven't had much chance to do and I enjoyed every second!

We started at a family home for the first portion of the session. Willie is a we thought a little taste of fishing would not only work well with them and their lifestyle, but it would also ease Willie into the whole idea of a photoshoot!! I was thrilled with how these images came out- far more wonderful than I had hoped for!

Now this is what I call fierce....double "rawr"

 Rachael is so beautiful!!

We then pushed the envelope a bit and surprised Willie with an outfit and location change! While they were changing I went a little crazy with the ring shots to pass the time.... details are my favorite :)

If you thought Rachael looked beautiful in her flannel and rubber boots--wait till you see her all dolled up and Willie cleans up pretty nice too, huh!?!

Rachael and Willie- photographing your engagement session was an honor! I wish you both nothing but the best for a lifetime to come. Now..... I can't wait to PARTY with you in January :-)

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